7 Tactics For Content Curation Success By Heidi Cohen

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Excerpt from the article on Heidi Cohen’s Blog:
“Content curation requires special skills, specifically, a strong point of view and expertise at content selection and presentation. It takes an expert with in-depth area knowledge to pick the content gems your audience seeks and needs.

1. Provide editorial selection expertise.
Become known as a trustworthy filter and thought leader on a specific topic.

2. Add commentary to augment existing information.
Give the selected information context for your specific audience.

3. Write attention-grabbing headlines.
Develop headline expertise within your organization.

4. Package your content to attract attention and facilitate consumption.
Outline and highlight key points.
Add images to appeal to readers’ visual senses.

5. Offer curated content on regular schedule.

6. Distribute curated content effectively across channels, platforms and devices.

7. Track results of curated content to achieve your objectives.
Incorporate appropriate content marketing metrics to determine content curation effectiveness…”

Each tactic is analyzed with more information. Read full original article:

John Reeves‘s insight:

Worth the READ….

See on heidicohen.com


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